If You Build It They Will Come – Lecture Halls aren’t just for Lecturing

@Grant Wiggins writes on flipping lectures http://tinyurl.com/mc9w8pw. In South Portland we’re flipping how to use a new lecture hall.

As part of the High School Renovation/Addition project, we just opened a new 144 seat Lecture Hall.  Over the three years from concept to completion, thoughts around utilization of the Lecture Hall evolved.  Originally the thought was to have a space for groups of students to hear presentations.  In the first month that the South Portland High School “Lecture Hall” has been open, the following events have occurred.

Guest speakers – utilizing the space as originally conceived

Movie Screening for Diversity Week

School Board Meeting – televised to local access TV

City Council Meeting – televised to local access which focused on a large impact community issue

Staff meetings – for the first time all staff can sit comfortably where they can see the facilitator

Accuplacer testing – All 11th graders have participated in Accuplacer Math Testing to determine their readiness for college math.

Full Day Apple regional professional development day with breakout sessions

Student led Poetry Slam

Build it and they will come, but it’s no longer just for lectures.Lecture Hall